We specialize in headshots, boudoir, events, and wildlife photography. Our services are available at most U.S. locations.

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Moira S. - Morris Plains, NJ

I am so pleased with Kyle Hunt Photography. The attention to details both on and off set are apparent in the quality of the photos.  Kyle was successful in capturing the exact look and feel I wanted in my headshots. He was prompt, professional and insightful - to sum it up he did an amazing job. Thank you for everything!

Seturah F. - Ashburn, VA

I was sorely in need of new headshots to help with my personal branding and career search plans. Kyle accommodated my need, scheduled a visit that required travel, set up a mini studio in my home, masked up and all and worked with me until we got the “right” pose. The photo is a great representation of my personality and professionalism. I’d recommend him without hesitation.

Robert M. - Jersey City, NJ

I was not an easy client for Kyle. I wanted a photo that showed me in a very different light than the suit and tie person that I am known to be. This was to be a photo for my retirement party! The problem was, I did not know what kind of photo that was, and trying to explain what I had in mind was not an easy task because I had no idea what I wanted. However Kyle was very patient with me, I sent him examples of photos that exhibited the feeling  I thought I was seeking and I could tell that he took our conversations to heart. This was my retirement photo and I truly wanted to leave the banking look behind!

Listening is very important and it is one of the things that I believe that is truly a big part of Kyle’s success, listening. He shared a few examples with me from our chats and we came together with the kind of photo we should do. The result was exactly what I wanted and I could not have asked for any better!  

Professionalism, good communication, talent, and heart equals Kyle Hunt Photography!

Alan P. - Columbia, MD

I had a great experience working with Kyle for my first photo-shoot. He was warm, friendly, professional and totally responsive to any questions I had during the process. My pictures came out fantastic and I have received a number of compliments. I would highly recommend Kyle for any and all of your photographic needs.

Dr. Margot W. - Beaumont, TX

Since my health does not allow me to go into nature right now, I decided to bring it to me. Excellent prints and exceptional service from Kyle Hunt Photography.

Joan I. - New York (Upstate)

Kyle is the ultimate professional who takes pride in his work.

Kenzie K. - New York, NY

Of all of the photographers I have worked with in my modeling and acting career, Kyle Hunt is the best of the best! He is extremely professional and always makes me feel comfortable and at ease while shooting. The caliber of his work is remarkable, and every time I receive my photos, I'm always ecstatic with the results. He has an incredible, creative eye and can capture you at your very best!!! If you need photos taken, Kyle Hunt Photography is the way to go!

Wendy M. - Kennebunk, ME

I first saw Kyle's work on Instagram a couple years ago. Since then, I've bought his work and support his artistry. His portraits are great, but I really love his nature photography and appreciate the patience it takes. 5 stars from me!

Alex P. - New York, NY

I had a great time on my shoot with Kyle! The man clearly knows his stuff. Between the location, background and angles he had it all covered. He's also really personable. I felt like we had a genuine conversation and great rapport from the start. We had a lot of laughs and worked efficiently to get shots that I'm extremely happy with.

Bishara B. - Baltimore, MD

If anyone needs a headshot, professional portfolio, or boudoir photos, Kyle Hunt is the MAN! His skill is only exceeded by his professionalism.

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